The Flying Probe-Tester APT-820S is a compact test system with 2 movable probes for medium board sizes up to 255 mm x 330 mm. The system is impressive thanks to its outstanding speed and outstanding price / performance ratio. Thanks to the compact and space saving design, the system can also be used in the most confined space. The system covers the complete range of analogue In Circuit tests. As well as IC Open sensors, it also contains a powerful optical system for detection of missing, polarity-reversed or incorrectly placed components. The APT-820S is the most compact member of the TAKAYA APT family: versatile, precise and fast.

APT-820s Highlights:

Drive Technology and Mechanics (incl. Options)

• 2 Flying Probes from the top and 2 fix probes from bottom
• XYZ High Power -AC servo motors and controllers
• smallest pad size < 80µm
• rigid XY-table made of finely polished natural granite
• Soft Touch Control
• Unique mechanism for board clamping
• Conveyer system with an automatic width adjustment and SMEMA interface

Measuring unit (incl. Options)

• R, L, C measurements
• Measuring voltage < 0,3V
• Kelvin measurements
• Guard functions
• Diodes & Zener diodes measurement functions
• Voltage Controller/Operational Amplifier
• Transistors/FET/Optocoupler
• DC/AC Current- and Voltage Measurements
• IC Open Sensor
• Open measurements
• Short measurements

Optical System (incl. Options)

• CCD camera
• Programmable LED illumination (red and blue)
• Fiducial mark recognition (off set, rotation, shrinking)
• Component recognition (polarity, presence, shift or wrong component)
• Letter recognition
• Real Map function for the graphical display of the board and the test points