TAKAYA APT-9600CE–test on both sides, doubled flexibility


The APT-9600CE is one of the most advanced double-sided flying probe testers developed for complex circuit boards that require testing of both sides. The APT-9600CE has 4 flying probes of the top side and 2 flying probes of the underside of the circuit board. The XY mechanics on the top side have been adopted from the APT-9411CE series. The high precision, contact reliability of the probes and the outstanding reliability have thus been inherited. Depending on the circuit board, this results in significant increases in test coverage and productivity.

APT-9600CE Highlights:

Drive Technology and Mechanics (incl. Options)

• 4 Flying Probes from the top side
• 2 Flying Probes from the bottom side
• XYZ High Power -AC servo motors and controllers
• smallest pad size < 120µm
• rigid XY-Table made  of finely polished natural granite
• Soft Touch Control
• Unique mechanism for board clamping
• Programmable Support Pins for the dynamic support of the board
• Conveyer system with an automatic width adjustment and SMEMA interface

Measuring unit (incl. Options)

• R, L, C measurements
• Measuring voltage < 0,3V
• Kelvin measurements
• Guard functions
• Diodes & Zener diodes measurement functions
• Voltage Controller/Operational Amplifier
• Transistors/FET/Optocoupler/Relays/etc.
• DC/AC Current- and Voltage Measurements
• AC Signalgenerator
• Gain measurements
• Frequency measurements
• Clustertests
• IC Open Sensor (Top and Bottom)
• Integration of external power supplies and test equipment

Optical System (incl. Options)

• Dual AOI function
• 2 x CCD cameras (top and bottom)
• Programmable LED illumination (red and blue)
• Fiducial mark recognition (off set, rotation, shrinking)
• Component recognition (polarity, presence, shift, wrong)
• 1D and 2 D barcode recognition
• additional camera for a larger field of view
• Letter recognition
• Dual Real Map function for the graphical display of the board and the test points from top and bottom.