KAIJO has been manufacturing systems for the area of semiconductor assembly and packaging for more than 30 years. Extensive knowledge and the many years of experience for the subject of ultrasound energy have made KAIJO a specialist in these areas. KAIJO is pursuing the requirements of the customers by continuous research and development and the use of the latest technologies for the drive concepts, the image processing and the ultrasonic systems, and is impressive for the points of fine pitch, speed and flexibility. The Thermosonic Ball Bonders from the KAIJO company can be found in almost all application areas. Whether leadframes, COB or hybrids, the requirements for a large number of applications can be fulfilled thanks to the possibility of processing wire thicknesses of 17.5 µm to 75 and also bonding gold or copper wire. The bonders from KAIJO are not only inspiring in the technology but the systems are also in a class of their own for points such as productivity, stability and quality.

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