KAIJO DBX-1000 LED Epoxy Die Bonder

The DBX-1000 is a completely automatic Epoxy LED Die Bonder that is impressive with a repeat accuracy of ±25 µm and speed 0.18 sec/cycle. The unique and compact LED mounting head enables LED dies to be placed on substrates or leadframes inexpensively and precisely.


  • High speed and high accuraccy Epoxy Die Bonder
  • Digtialized bonding force
  • Digital programmable bonding head and epoxy dispenser
  • Bonding method: Epoxy
  • Bonding speed: 180msec/cycle
  • Repeatability: ±25µm
  • Leadframe size up to 230mm (x) x 100mm (Y)
  • Bonding area: 220mm x 92mm
  • Chip size: 0,15 – 1,5mm (square)
  • Wafer size:  4″ and 6″
  • Bond force:  30g -180g