Inspection Xpress

First article inspection and lots more!

A better Inspection

Based on capturing an image of the map and a unique and innovative method for displaying pictures of the components (patented), Inspection Xpress allows analysis of the card 100% extremely fast, reliable, limiting the waiting and stopping time of the production line. The unique Technical integrated in the software makes it a powerful tool not only for the inspection of the first article but also opens the world of prototyping, small series and final inspection.

An intuitive inspection

Inspection Xpress software provides help to manual visual inspection of an assembly board using an intuitive control method, the user is more efficient, faster and more reliable. This effect is achieved by the ability to gather the images on an inspection panel, the components are automatically grouped and displayed.



Ease and speed of implementation

The principle implemented requires no programming, it requires no special knowledge in Computer Science. The preparation for the inspection is carried out with the documents used in the workshop before production begins. Inspection Xpress doesn’t require learning and is provided with many tools as panelization wizard, statistics module, libraries…
It is a powerful tool that automates the construction of the control scenario.

Hardware Part

The software bundle is completed by the image capture hardware.  SYSTECH sells a range of industrial scanners with high resolution up to A3 size.