Screen masks for fine pattern printing

Combines high resolution emulsion and high precision mesh such as ST640, ST500, etc. Handles line width to the 20µm level.

Main applications:  Printing of touch panel wiring, inductors, solar cell finger electrodes, high frequency parts, etc.

Topro Screen Mask-2Topro Screen Mask-1Topro Screen Mask-3

Screen Mask for high precision positioning

TOPRO provides high tension screen mesh combined with various processing options, for excellent initial dimensions precision, and durable specifications.

Main applications: Thin layer printing in condensers, etc

Topro Screen Mask-9Topro Screen Mask-8

Screen Mask for high precision aperture printing

TOPRO developed their own emulsion and photo mask technologies. By combining these with manufacturing equipment they developed, they can achieve excellent aperture dimensions control.

Main Applications:  Organic semiconductor gates, electrodes in condensers, etc.

Screen Mask for thin film printing

Excellent surface smoothness, and prevents printing deterioration at low thickness of emulsion. Handles down to 0µm emulsion thickness. Enables printing with reduced thickness of mesh and emulsion, thinner printing and reduced saddle phenomena.

Main applications: thin layer printing for electrodes in condensers, etc

Topro Screen Mask-4 Topro Screen Mask-5

Topro Screen Mask-6Topro Screen Mask-7

Screen Mask for thick film printing

Achieves high quality printing at stable tension and film thickness.

Main applications: Printing for sealing resins, adhesives, etc.

Topro Screen Mask-10

Screen Mask for large area printing

Handles from 1500mm×15000mm to 2500mm×2700mm.
In large area batches for pattern printing, we provide high precision manufactured boards which can form patterns  and solid manufactured boards which can achieve uniform coating for solid printing.

Main applications: For large display lines using EL seal printing, EL drying agents, etc.